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How to make a blogger website

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How to make a blogger website


Everyone is thinking of making money online in this world but they don’t know how to start and from where to start earning online. We have many ways to start making money online like making a youtube channel, dropshipping, influencer e.t.c. but the easiest and most convenient way is blogging. We can make our daily expenses by blogging, as there are many free blog websites for making a website just like Wix, WordPress, bloggers e.t.c.

Bloggers is my personal favorite amongst them, the reasons are:

  • Owned by Google
  • it is user-friendly
  • it is simple to use
  • it provides free subdomain
  • the hosting is free
  • high speed and performance
  • Easy to design and customize

Now the question arises

How to make a website on blogger.com or some people also say blogspot.com?

We can make a free website on blogger with a subdomain(For an example chetanmohakar.blogspot.com) or later we can purchase a high-level domain.

Step 1: Go to bloggers from your browser

Step 2: Create a new blog


Enter your blog title and the Address for your Blog which suits your niche or sub-niche and it will show you if your address is available or not. Choose the available blog address and click on create blog!

Step 3: Now as you have created a website (Yourname.blogspot.com), your site is ready to be shown to the world…wait

it doesn’t have any article yet, so write something related to your niche

Step 4: Create a post

create post

For creating a post click on create a post and then write something and click on the publish button

Tada your first post is created but will it rank on google? will people will able to search for it? the answer is not now they will but you’ll have to do some SEO(search engine optimization)for that I will be posting in some time that how to do it.

Late your site will be like this Chetan mohakar

2. How to monetize blogger?

Well there are many ways to monetize blogger account but I want to tell you that you must have a top level domain to do that(For an example Yoursite.com) you can monetize a sub-level domain but it’s difficult to do. There are many programs by which you can monetize your blog you can do

  • Affiliate marketing
  • google adsense
  • provide course or services
  • provide some consulting
  • paid reviews and banner ads
  • sell something

3. How to submit your site to Adsense?

If you have a top level domain and now you want to monetize your website then you will have to submit your website for approval to google. Google will review your site and if your site has unique content and it follows the guidelines of Google Adsense it will accept the review and later you can monetize your site.You’ll need a non hosted account to do that. For that just follow these steps

Goto your adsene account > click on ads > Other products > Submit a review form with your website.

It may take some time but you’ll worth it, Just have patience.

Many of the beginners make a blog then they just feel demotivated as there are no visitor, they aren’t making any money, they can’t write properly e.t.c but just believe me if you do hard work and make appropriate changes to your site then someday you’ll make it.

I hope that you have got the proper information about  how to make a blogger website so share this article to everyone.








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