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How to make money on instagram 2019 | Ways to earn money from Instagram

make money by instgram

How to make money on Instagram 2019

I don’t need a word to define you that What is Instagram? I mean if I had to,

that means you are not from this planet.

Well, we all know about Instagram….

In 2015, there were approximately more than 77 million active Instagram users Only in the United States and it has approximately a billion users worldwide.

So, many people are curious about how to earn from Instagram or How to make money from Instagram 

Have you ever imagined how much you can earn from Instagram?? Here are some Instagram celebrities that earn a way too much on Instagram.

 1. Kylie Jenner

Total number of followers: 128 million, Total Estimated cost per sponsored post in 2018: $700,000 (Then It was $550,000 in 2017)

 2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Total number of followers: 156 million, Total Estimated cost per sponsored post in 2018: $750,000  (Then It was $400,000 in 2017)

 3.Kim Kardashian West

Total number of followers: 129 million, Total Estimated cost per sponsored post in 2018: $720,000  (Then It was $500,000 in 2017)

These were some celebrities who earn a good amount from, So There must be lots of questions that

  • Can I earn money from Instagram too?
  • How many followers do I need to start?
  • How will I get my money from Instagram?
  • How much Instagram will pay me for one post?

Well, there are many more questions that you must be asking, Here I will try to give an answer to all your questions.

Starting From How to Make Actual Money from Instagram:

Just like, Youtubers, Bloggers, and anyone who  Gathers an audience around the content they produce, Instagrammers have something they call Reach and Influence figured out—two things many companies struggle with.

With these two Instagrammers can make multiple streams of potential revenue, Whether they want to become a millionaire from it or just want some extra cash from Instagram.


  • How many Followers do you Need to earn Money from Instagram?

If you are seriously wondering that “How many Followers do I actually Need to earn Money from Instagram” so the answer is ” Not as much as you think”.

The more proper answer Depends upon some factors that range from

  • What niche are you choosing and how easily  can you tie up with the product company(Food, Cosmetics, Sports, Motivation, Books, E-books, Online tutorials, programs etc.)
  • How much real followers(Engaging Followers) you have and if you have 100k+ fake followers, It is worthless.
  • The revenue channels you may explore.

Naturally on Instagram,

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the more number of Engaged followers or real followers you have, the more you have chances to make more money for it.


  • How to make money on Instagram?

Depending on your unique  Instagram content, your genuine audience, and the level of commitment, you can easily make money on Instagram in the following ways:

  • Doing some kind of sponsored post for any type of brand you like.
  • Do some affiliate work and earn some extra commission by promoting it.
  • Creating and selling digital or physical products.
  • Selling your photos.


These were some of the techniques that can be used to make money from Instagram if you like this. Share this Information to everyone.







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